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School Threat & Safety Conversation Guide

1. Do you know what a threat is?

A threat is a declaration of intention to inflict punishment or harm on another.

2. What can threats look like?

Example: Text message, social media, a note, bathroom writing.

3. Why would someone make a threat?

Example: Angry/emotional, for attentions/as a joke, “copycat” incidents, etc.

4. If your friend or someone you know makes a threat, what should you do?

Example: Report it to an adult like the School Resource Officer, Principal, or through FortifyFL.

5. Who can a threat negatively affect?

Example: Students, parents, school, your future.

6. What consequences can come from making a threat?

Example: Detention/suspension, arrest, charged with a felony.

7. What happens if you make a threat and get arrested?

Example: You can be charged with a felony and be sent to juvenile detention. This stays on your record and can affect your probability of getting a job, being able to vote in the future, obtaining scholarships, or even going to college.

For additional information or answers to questions, contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office School Threat Enforcement Team at 239-477-1000.