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911 (Emergency)
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Emergency or Crime in Progress: 911 Non-Emergency: 239-477-1000

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Online Crash Reporting

Florida now allows drivers to to self-report traffic crashes online. Click here to see if you qualify.
The simple-to-use online questionnaire will guide you or the driver through the completion of the report. Once completed, a copy of the Driver Self Report of Traffic Crash can be saved or printed for the driver’s record keeping convenience. It’s fast, simple to use, and the online process eliminates paperwork for the officer on scene.

Report Crime Activity

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office works in partnership with the public to combat criminal activity and maintain our community’s high quality of life. The navigation or sub menu bar provides answers to many commonly asked questions related to reporting criminal activity. You also can call Communications at (239) 477-1000 or the Duty Officer at (239) 477-1186 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Report a Person Missing

Contrary to popular belief, there is no waiting period required before reporting a person missing. The moment you are concerned about a person’s whereabouts is the time to call. You can make a missing person report any time you realize someone is missing. Call 239-477-1000.

Report a Drunk Driver

The public is encouraged to call 911 to report a suspected drunk driver. However, please do not try to pursue the driver or place yourself in any danger. It is important to keep a safe distance from the suspected drunk driver. When you call 911, the operator will ask you for a description of the car, its location and direction. The Sheriff’s Office will do the rest.

Report a Problem Anonymously

You are not required to give your name and address when making a call to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. However, it is extremely helpful if the responding deputy has someone to contact either in person or by phone to get more specific information related to the problem.

Many times deputies respond to an anonymous call about an incident and either cannot find the origin of the problem with the information given or the situation changes prior to their arrival but they have no way of knowing it. This can result in frustrated deputies and the citizen feeling that the Sheriff’s Office didn’t do anything about their call.

We realize that in some circumstances, a person may not want neighbors to know they have called the police, and they don’t want an officer to come to their door. However, something as simple as a phone number by which to reach the complainant can make a significant difference in whether a situation is corrected or goes undiscovered or unidentified. Instead, inform the call taker that you do not wish to be contacted in person but that the officer may call you if they need more information.

Signup for Emergency Notification

It is important that Lee County residents and visitors have accurate and up-to-date information during an emergency. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office recommends AlertLee, a free service that notifies residents and businesses via telephone, text and/or email regarding emergencies and events that require actions to safeguard life and property.

The system is used only for emergency notifications, and messages will be targeted to only areas that need to be notified. For instance, if an island needs to be evacuated, only that island’s residents will receive the notification. The system also is used by LCSO detectives to send information to specific communities that are being targeted by criminals.

Residents should register their cell phone numbers because AlertLee relies on information in the county’s E9-1-1 system, and that does not include cell numbers or VOIP numbers.

Click here to register online; step-by-step instructions are available. Residents also can call the AlertLee system administrator at (239) 477-1228 for assistance in registering. 

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