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911 (Emergency)
239-477-1000 (Non Emergency)

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If you are a victim of a crime, you have the option of calling LCSO Dispatch to see if you can submit a police report over the phone.

The dispatcher will determine whether an Alternative Response Officer can handle your call and offer you this option if you meet certain criteria. If you would rather have a deputy come to your house, simply tell the call taker and a deputy will respond as soon as possible.

LCSO Dispatch can be reached at (239) 477-1000 or file a report online.

Accident Report

Use this form to report minor traffic collisions for a drivers exchange.

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Camera Registration

Register your home or business surveillance cameras with the Sheriff’s Office.

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Check Forgery

Your check has been counterfeited or altered by changing the amount of the check to something that you did not authorize or by changing the payee to something/someone you did not authorize.

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Fraudulent Use of Credit Card

When an unknown person fraudulently used a credit card or credit card account number to obtain something of value without the permission of the authorized user, account holder, bank, or organization who issued the credit card.

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Identity Theft

Obtaining someone else’s personal identifying information and using it to obtain credit, goods or services. Stealing your identity.

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Illegal Dumping

The dumping of waste or construction materials on public or private property. If hazardous materials are involved, you must call 239-477-1000 for a deputy to respond to the scene.

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Lost or Missing Property


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Lost/Stolen License Plate

When vehicle license plate or decal is missing, stolen or lost. If you have found an item that you previously reported as lost you must call the Communications Center at 239-477-1000.

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Misdemeanor Theft

A theft of personal property with a value of under $750 that was not stolen from within a vehicle, residence, or structure of any kind.

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Online Phone Scam

A scammer contacts you online or by phone in an attempt to cheat you out of your money over the phone or online.

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Package Theft

A package is recently delivered to your home and someone takes it from your porch

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Private Property Tows

For official use for reporting private property tow by authorized person. If towing a trailer or boat, please enter it as property and not vehicle.

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Vacation Requests

Request for a Watch Order of your unoccupied residence. This Watch Order will request an increase in police patrols in your area, while you are away. The maximum time period for a Watch Order is six months.

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Vehicle Repossession

For official use for reporting vehicle repossession by authorized person. If towing a trailer or boat, please enter it as property and not vehicle.

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