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Community Outreach Centers

Community Outreach Centers

Sheriff Carmine Marceno encourages his team to constantly engage with the community. He created the Community Response Unit, comprised of certified and civilian employees, to tackle this initiative full-time. This diverse unit has spearheaded the implementation of Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s Community Outreach Centers throughout the county.
These centers play an intricate part in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community it serves. Opportunities for residents, visitors, community groups, civic organizations, and businesses to meet and converse with agency members are available at these locations. Additionally, outreach centers give the public a chance to interact with agency assets for purposes of demonstration and presentation.

These centers also provide a venue to educate residents and visitors on topics such as crime prevention, personal safety, avoiding frauds and scams, and other law enforcement related matters. One popular program hosted by these centers is the Sheriff’s Youth Activity League’s Teen Driver Challenge.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office Deputies often use these facilities for ancillary purposes such as paperwork, area checks, and attending special events.

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Coconut Point

Bell Tower

Address: 13499 S Cleveland Ave, Suite 151
Operational Hours: Mon – Fri, 7am – 5pm 
CSU Coordinator: Martha Powell
Phone: 239-477-1422


Cape Coral

This outreach center is located at the Brotherhood of Heroes Museum and Resource Center.

Address: 4522 Del Prado Blvd S
Operation Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm | Sat, 10am – 2pm
CRU Coordinator: Colby Pickering
Phone: 239-980-9298

a building with a sign on the front

Downtown Fort Myers

Address:  2125 First Street, Sutie 100
Operational Hours: Mon – Sun, 9am – 5pm
CRU Coordinator: Melissa McComis-Lastra
Phone: 239-220-0329

a building with glass doors

Edison Mall

Safety classes and educational material will be available at this location. You can also stop in and get to know some of the employees at your sheriff’s office!

Address:  4125 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 1930
Operation Hours: Mon – Sat, 11am – 7pm | Sun, 12pm – 6pm
CRU Coordinator: Keisha Tyler
Phone: 239-910-6585

a police car parked outside a building

Miromar Outlets

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Community Outreach Center located in Miromar Outlets hosts a variety of safety classes, to include Teen Driver Challenge, SAFE (Women’s Self-Defense Program), RAPID (Self-Defense for Teenage Girls), Active Shooter Training, Citizens Academy and Deputy Dogs.

Address: 10801 Corkscrew Rd, Suite 190
Operation Hours: Mon – Fri, 10am – 7pm | Sat-Sun 10am – 5:30pm
CRU Coordinator: Naz Elyassi
Phone: 239-676-7971

Gulf Coast Town Center

Address: 9918 Gulf Coast Main Place
Operation Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 7pm
CRU Coordinator: Naz Elyassi
Phone: 239-910-9210