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Feb 06
Early this morning, just after 5 a.m., an unknown suspect walked into the Circle K store, located at 17170 San Carlos Boulevard.
Jan 16

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help identifying a troop of motorcycle riders who violently assaulted a man during a road rage incident in North Fort Myers.

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Feb 25

They walk the darkened streets of rural, suburban and urban areas searching for that unlocked vehicle.  Usually hooded in an effort to thwart residential cameras, these criminals roam from driveway to driveway pulling on vehicle door handles.

Feb 24
Social media is a wonderful way of keeping up with the latest news, newly-born family members, friends from the past, newly-purchased vehicles.  That's why burglars, criminals and thieves enjoy it, as well!
Feb 23
"Fake Check" scams are alive and well and account for nearly one-third of all scams reported to federal agencies.
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