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Respond, Assess, Protect, Identify, Defenses

Without question, when it comes to you, or someone else’s personal safety – nothing should be left to chance. Knowing how to recognize signs of potential danger, responding quickly, and being prepared both mentally and physically (if an incident should occur) will make a difference.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office offers a three (3) hour course “R.A.P.I.D.” that was designed to address those issues and targets factors and situations that can aid participants and increase their safety. 

Starting with awareness principles geared toward personal safety, we begin to identify several situations that most people encounter on a daily basis. These same situations however, are (more often than not), taken for granted and have unknowingly placed people in bad situations.

We then introduce “what if” thinking which incorporates the tactical mindset and mental preparation necessary to respond quickly and without hesitation.  The importance of this information alone – is worth the investment of your time.

The final portion of the class involves participants (paired with certified law enforcement tactical instructors) performing practical, hands-on defensive techniques designed to stun and create distance between you and an assailant should that need arise.

For further information on how to register/schedule a class for your organization, school, or team contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office 239.477.1CRU