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Personal/Residential Crime Prevention

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office offers a wide variety of personal/residential crime prevention programs and services to our community. These presentations vary in length and can often be customized to meet the crime prevention needs of your industry. To schedule a program, call your Crime Prevention Specialist or the Crime Prevention Unit at (239)-477-1CRU or email us at CRU@sheriffleefl.org. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is usually necessary to acquire a speaker or arrange for a security assessment.

Available Programs 

We look at different ways criminals steal identities and the steps you can take to keep this from occurring to you. LCSO Identity Theft brochures are available in English and Spanish.

Child Identity Theft

Learn how to protect your children’s identity.

Frauds, Scams, & Con

We look at the current crimes relating to frauds, scams, and cons including reports from our Fraud Line and will discuss ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Defending Against Frauds, Scams and Cons brochures are available in:

English and Spanish.

Identity Theft and The Deceased

Learn the steps to take when a loved one passes away to protect their identity and their estate.

Medical Identity Theft

Learn about medical ID theft, who is committing these crimes, how your medical identity is stolen, the red flags to look for, how to guard against becoming a victim, and what to do if you become a victim. Consumers also can use the…

Medical Identity Theft Response Checklist for Consumers Checklist …for proactive guidance.

Residential Safety

Learn how to make your home safer, more secure, and less of a target for thieves.

Theft Prevention

Learn what steps you can take to make yourself less vulnerable to theft.

Personal Safety

Learn ways for safe living by protecting yourself in and away from home. LCSO Personal Safety brochures are available in English and Spanish

R.E.A.D.Y. for Women and Girls 

 This 2-hour basic self-defense class for women ages 13-100 provides basic personal safety information for all types of situations. It promotes awareness of your surroundings, avoiding danger, and responding to threats. Practical exercises are offered as part of the class to learn strikes and escape from holds.

Active Shooter for the Community

This program uses videos and information to prepare you and to provide options if violence occurs using the Run, Hide and Prepare, Fight model.

Getting to Know Your LCSO

Offers three programs to learn more about LCSO: What you need to know about 911, Behind the scenes overview, Take a Tour.

Seniors Driving Safely

This program in collaboration with Mobility for Life helps older adults learn ways to keep your confidence behind the wheel by addressing driving concerns as we age.

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