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Sheriff’s Initiatives


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Sheriff Badge

Thanks for visiting the Lee County Sheriff’s Office home page. I can’t tell you how excited and humbled I am to serve as your Sheriff.

Keeping you safe is my number one priority. That means having only the best law enforcement team you can find. We are forward thinkers, innovative and effective in every aspect of this agency.

As you know, school safety has become a top priority across the country. Here in Lee County, I can assure you along with the Lee County School District, we are working to keep the 93-thousand plus students in Lee County safe while in their classrooms. It’s my belief that if students don’t feel safe, they can’t learn. Investing in our children today is what will continue to make this growing county so great.

Speaking of growth, Lee County has become one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Florida. More and more families are choosing to raise their children here, open businesses here and vacation here. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the needs that come with a booming and diverse population. Cutting edge technology, more SRO’s and the highest degree of constant training are just a few ways we work to protect you and your family in this day and age.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office also remains proactive in offering FREE classes to the public including Active Shooter and situational-awareness programs. You can find more about those programs on this website

I believe close relationships and strong leadership are woven into the fabric of this community and it is my honor to serve you by keeping the streets of Lee County safe.

If you are a visitor to Lee County, I offer you a warm welcome. I know you’ll enjoy our year-round great weather, beaches and countless activities Southwest Florida has to offer.

By working together, our opportunities are endless. I am laser focused and look forward to keeping us moving in the right direction.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno


Safe Kids Safe Schools

Safe Kids Safe Schools, was designed to ensure student safety from the moment the student leaves home in the morning until they return at the end of the day.

This initiative needed to include far more than safety in the school hallways. It needs to begin when walking to the bus stop in the morning, it involves security at the bus stop, traffic safety while being transported by school bus and, then, complete safety while in school. This, of course, includes the trip home, as well.

Patrol deputies, in each precinct, are knowledgeable regarding the locations of bus stops and check on them constantly during morning and afternoon patrols. School zones are monitored to prevent speeding.

Our Traffic Unit, as well as patrol deputies, closely monitor school buses and ensure that school buses are not passed, illegally, while picking up and dropping off students.

While in school, a School Resource Officer has been placed in each and every school…in some instances, two resource officers to ensure campus safety.

Our Youth Services division has Jr. Cadet, Cadet and Explorers programs in the county’s schools to provide opportunities to students interested in community service. Our SROs are doing remarkable things to address each school’s particular needs, as well as serving as mentors to the students.

The safety of Lee County students, school staff and our educational facilities is our top priority, and we will continue our Safe Kids Safe Schools initiative.

Sheriff with dog

Animal Abuse

We have diligently investigated the cases brought to our attention by Lee County Domestic Animal Services, with whom we work hand-in-hand, and will continue to make it clear that animal abuse and animal cruelty will not be tolerated in this county.

With the generous assistance of Lamar Advertising, the Lee County Sheriffs Office has placed numerous billboards around the county indicating that any form of animal abuse or cruelty would result in jail time.

With the assistance of the Office of the State Attorney, abusers have been prosecuted and punished for their actions.


Opioid Crisis

The nation, as a whole, is battling an enemy that claims far more lives than terrorism or mass casualty incidents. The Opioid epidemic is taking lives at an alarming rate, killing people from all walks of life and from all economic environments.

Lee County is not immune to this epidemic and, so long is there is demand for Opioids and narcotics, there will be traffickers and dealers.

Our Narcotics Unit has been working diligently, 24-hours-a-day, to locate and eliminate these dealers and their suppliers.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office conducts ongoing and continuous undercover investigations, working closely with residents and tipsters and have conducted numerous drug sweeps where these criminals and their poison have been taken off the streets of Lee County.

This initiative has removed a significant number of drug dealers, as well as large quantities of narcotics and firearms from the streets of this county.

We regularly announce and highlight search warrant operations and the notable arrests of drug traffickers and dealers, so be sure to follow us on social media to see first-hand the results of our work!


Community Outreach

Sheriff Carmine Marceno has placed an emphasis on working closely with community members, with quickly sharing crime/safety information and with making access to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office easier and more convenient.

Through the Community Response Unit, assigned staff officers establish relationships with members of local homeowners associations, community representatives and neighborhood designees to help identify and address community needs and challenges.

Seven community outreach centers have been established at Miromar Outlets, Bell Tower, Cape Coral, Downtown Fort Myers, Gulf Coast Town Center, Edison Mall, and Coconut Point.

Community patrols are increased when and where needed.

The LCSO Community Response Unit additionally provides crime prevention education, training and partnerships.

Active Shooter training
Residential security education
Personal safety courses
Self-defense classes for women
Fraud, scams and identification theft education
Driver safety programs

Sheriff’s Office teaching participants how to improve security measures, explaining the importance of quickly reporting suspicious activity and establishing communication regarding crime trends and relevant security information.