Safe Kids Safe Schools

safe kids

  • “Safe Kids – Safe Schools,” was designed to ensure student safety from the moment the student leaves home in the morning until they return at the end of the day.
  • This initiative needed to include far more than safety in the school hallways.  It needs to begin when walking to the bus stop in the morning, it involves security at the bus stop, traffic safety while being transported by school bus and, then, complete safety while in school.  This, of course, includes the trip home, as well.
  • Patrol deputies, in each district, are knowledgeable regarding the locations of bus stops and check on them constantly during morning and afternoon patrols.
  • School zones are monitored to prevent speeding.
  • Our Traffic Unit, as well as patrol deputies, closely monitor school buses and ensure that school buses are not passed, illegally, while picking up and dropping off students.
  • While in school, a School Resource Officer has been placed in each and every school…in some instances, two resource officers…to ensure campus safety.
  • Our Youth Services division has Jr. Cadet, Cadet and Explorers programs in the county’s schools to provide opportunities to students interested in community service.  Our SROs are doing remarkable things to address each school’s particular needs, as well as serving as mentors to the students.
  • The safety of Lee County students, school staff and our educational facilities is our top priority, and we will continue our “Safe Kids – Safe Schools” initiative.