Opioid Crisis


  • The nation, as a whole, is battling an enemy that claims far more lives than terrorism or mass casualty incidents.  The Opioid epidemic is taking lives at an alarming rate, killing people from all walks of life and from all economic environments.
  • Lee County is not immune to this epidemic and, so long is there is demand for Opioids and narcotics, there will be traffickers and dealers.
  • Our Narcotics Unit has been working diligently, 24-hours-a-day, to locate and eliminate these dealers and their suppliers.
  • The Lee County Sheriff’s Office conducts ongoing and continuous undercover investigations, working closely with residents and tipsters and have conducted numerous drug sweeps where these criminals and their poison have been taken off the streets of Lee County.
  • This initiative has removed a significant number of drug dealers, as well as large quantities of narcotics and firearms from the streets of this county.
  • We regularly announce and highlight search warrant operations and the notable arrests of drug traffickers and dealers, so be sure to follow us on social media to see first-hand the results of our work!