April 30, 2020
Coordinated and activated by Sheriff Carmine Marceno, a new Animal Cruelty Task Force has been created to educate the county regarding animal abuse and neglect and to enforce any and all laws pertaining to the mistreatment of animals.

“The link between animal abuse and human abuse is clear and frightening,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno. “In addition to protecting defenseless animals, addressing animal cruelty will likely prevent future acts of violence against people in our county.”

An endless number of studies document the connections between animal cruelty/abuse and domestic violence, child abuse, mass violence episodes and sexual violence.

Effective immediately, the Animal Cruelty Task Force, working in unison with Lee County Domestic Animal Services and their veterinarians, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, will proactively educate the community regarding animal abuse laws as well as enforce them to their fullest extent.

“We have arrested and successfully prosecuted cases of animal abuse in Lee County,” added Sheriff Marceno. “This task force strengthens our ability to investigate, locate and arrest those committing these acts of cruelty.”

Lee County Sheriff’s Office detectives will be assigned to this task force and, using LCSO’s resources, will fully investigate all misdemeanor and felony animal abuse cases within the county. Working cohesively with the State Attorney’s Office, those abusing animals in Lee County will be brought to justice.

“Not here,” said the sheriff. “Not here…not now…not ever! Abuse an animal in Lee County…you’re going to jail.”