'Most Wanted' fugitive apprehended after more than 7 years on the run

A violent offender who has been on the run for seven and a half years is finally in police custody and enroute back to the United States.

Dean Trevil (DOB 1/11/85) was taken down by members of the US Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force on Monday morning after an extensive investigation led them to Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.  Trevil had been on the run since April 2, 2012 on a bench warrant for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.  His original arrest was on January 11, 2011 when he was charged with bringing an acquaintance to a shed, tying him up with an extension cord and beating him repeatedly over the course of two days, in retaliation for a suspected theft.  When the victim was returned home by Trevil, the beatings continued, leaving the man with a collection of broken bones and other serious injuries.  Trevil spent only eight days in jail, after being allowed to bond out.  After he failed to show up for a court hearing, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest and, until earlier this week, he managed to evade law enforcement authorities for years.

Monday’s arrest is the culmination of tireless work and cooperation between the Fort Myers-based US Marshals Task Force, the US Marshals Dominican Republic Office, as well as the Dominican Republic Office of National Drug Control.  Members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Offices Fugitive Warrants Unit, who are members of the Task Force, travelled on Sunday to the Dominican Republic and were a vital part of Trevil’s long awaited arrest.

“The arrest of one of our longest standing fugitives on the 10 Most Wanted list is huge,” said Trish Routte, Crime Stoppers Coordinator.  “When these hardened criminals find themselves on the radar of the US Marshals Task Force, it’s not a matter of if they will be arrested, it’s a matter of when.  Dean Trevil’s time ran out this week and later tonight, he will begin reacquainting himself with a jail cell.”

Trevil is currently in flight back to the United States and, after being processed through US Customs, will arrive in downtown Fort Myers late tonight where he will be booked and held without bond.

Dean Trevil