Warning! Scammer Posing as LCSO Employee

Fraud Alert Banner

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Fraud Line has received an increase in calls from concerned citizens reporting a scam phone call from a person claiming to be from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Callers say their caller I.D. showed it was from “Lee County Sheriff’s Office” and the person on the other end said they were a deputy stating the citizen missed jury duty and needs to make a payment immediately to stop a civil action against them. The scammer then tells the potential victim to go to a nearby drug store to purchase hundreds of dollars in gift cards and then go to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office substation on Pondella Rd. in North Fort Myers.

In other cases, callers say they received a voicemail from the scammer claiming to be a deputy referencing a court case and proceeds to give a phony case number and a phone number to call back. When the potential victim called back the number, a voicemail picked up saying, “You have reached the Lee County Sheriff’s Office located at 121 Pondella Rd. If you are calling about your court case please leave your name, number and case number and we will call you back.” Our North Fort Myers substation is located on 121 Pondella Rd. but this call is NOT from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

While this fraudster has thought a few steps ahead, don’t let that fool you. This is NOT a deputy or any employee from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Law enforcement would NEVER call you if you have missed jury duty or if you have a warrant, nor would we ask for money to make any case “go away.”

Also, ALWAYS be leery if someone is asking for payment in gift cards or pre-paid cards.

If you think you’ve been scammed, call the Sheriff’s Office Fraud Line at 258-3292.