Summertime Safety Travel Tips

Are you planning a road trip this summer? If so, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit encourages you to follow these simple, common-sense safety tips to ensure your home is secure while you’re away and to give you peace of mind during your well-deserved vacation.

  • Ask your friends or neighbors to keep an eye on your property and report suspicious activity to police. An occasional walk around the home to make sure all doors and windows are secure is helpful;
  • Don’t advertise to burglars you aren’t home by leaving garbage cans and recycling bins out by the curb once trash day is over;
  • Put a hold on your newspaper and mail delivery;
  • Would you leave your front door wide open and your house unsecured while away? Of course, not; so wait until you get home before sharing pictures and posts on social media. The whole world does not need to know your home is vacant;
  • Make your home look occupied by investing in timers to turn on exterior and interior lights, and a television or radio for a few hours every evening;
  • Place valuables like weapons, cash and jewelry in a safe and secure location in case you have unwanted visitors;
  • If you leave your car parked in the driveway, take the garage remote control inside and place it in a secure location, along with your keys.

For more information regarding this Safety and Security Tip, call the Crime Prevention Unit at (239) 258-3280. To report a fraud or scam, call the Sheriff’s Office Fraud line at (239) 258-3292.