Unlocked Car + Thief = Crime of Opportunity 

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno is asking for your help in putting a halt to a recent rash of car burglaries. You can assist us by using common sense steps to make your vehicle less appealing to thieves. Often, these crimes occur because owners fail to practice the preventative safety tips listed below:

  • Lock your vehicle. The average burglar simply checks to see if a car is unlocked, spends less than a minute inside the vehicle, checking the glove box, door panels, and center console for valuables.
  • Take your valuables with you. This includes your wallet, purse, computer, weapons and other items.
  • Park in well-lighted areas. Two things burglars don’t like – lights and witnesses.
  • Do not leave personal identifying papers in car. This includes your license, social security card, motor vehicle registration, car title, credit card and bank statements. If stolen, these items can lead to identity theft.
  • Consider theft prevention devices. There are a number of audible vehicle alarms that will scare off any burglar looking to grab your belongings.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity. See it. Say it. Make the call.

To learn more about auto burglary or to arrange for a free auto burglary prevention seminar, contact the Community Response Unit at 239-477-1CRU.