Over the last several days, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Fraud Line has received dozens of calls from residents reporting two separate scams that are circulating our area at this time via the telephone and email. In response to these complaints, we urge you to remain vigilant in protecting your identity, credit card, and bank account information by familiarizing yourself with the information below:

Phone Scam Targets Comcast Cable Customers: This scam is tricky and can appear to be legitimate due to scammers utilizing Caller ID to trick residents into believing that Comcast Cable is calling. The scammer claims to be a Comcast representative and advises the customer that hackers located outside of the United States have compromised their IP address and modem and a new IP address and modem must be issued to protect the customer’s account. 

The Trick: The “representative” says he needs to have remote access to your computer in order to correct the problem.

Your Response: Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer no matter what large telecommunications or computer company they say they are with. Never give your personal  or financial information over the phone unless you made the call and the phone number came from a trusted source.  If you receive a phone call like this, hang up!

Email Scam Claiming to be from the Federal Trade Commission: At first glance, this email appears to be from the FTC, but a closer looks reveals it was actually sent from a Gmail account,   not the legitimate account.  The email claims the recipient previously made a payment to   a fraudulent “tech support” company (no specific name given) and after conducting a “proper” investigation they have determined a refund is in order. The email instructs the “victim” to call the phone number listed and use the invoice number provided in order to receive a refund.

The Trick: This is known as a “spoofing or phishing” scam, using deception to trick you into providing sensitive information, such as your bank account or social security number.

Your response: The Federal Trade Commission utilizes a government email account (.gov) not Gmail. Hit the Delete button!

 If you have questions regarding either of these scams, contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Fraud Line at 239-258-3292 or by email at If you would like a Crime Prevention Specialist to speak to your community group or organization about frauds, scams and identity theft, call Community Relations at 239-258-3280.