Sheriff's Office Name Used to Pull Off Jury Duty Scam

A scammer claiming to be from the Lee County Sheriff's Office contacted several residents last week trying to pull off what is known as the "Jury Duty" scam. The scam is quite common and has periodically surfaced over the years; however, this particular time the scammer identified himself using the name of a current sheriff's office employee. In addition, one complainant who contacted the Sheriff's Office fraud line stated the man also used the real name of a local judge in an attempt to make his threats more credible.

This scheme uses bullying and fear to intimidate victims into believing that an arrest warrant has been issued for failure to show up for "jury duty or a grand jury summons." The caller claims the victim can avoid arrest if they pay a "fine" and provides instructions on where and how to purchase a reloadable prepaid card.

At this time, the sheriff's office has not received any reports from victims who have lost money in the scam, but the public should be aware that we will never contact you by phone, e-mail, or text asking for money and/or threatening arrest for failure to respond to a jury summons. 

This scam can often catch victims off guard as they are given the dire choice between giving in or going to jail. We suggest you follow these tips to ensure you do not become a victim of this impersonation scam:

  • Courts and cops do not call consumers about jury duty. Notice about jury duty will come by mail.
  • A call from someone you do not know requesting money be sent via a wire transfer or prepaid card is most certainly a scam.
  • Do not respond out of fear. If you receive such a call, gather the information and follow up with the Lee County Clerk of Court at 533-9153.
  • To report it as a scam, call the Lee County Sheriff's Office Fraud Line at 258-3292.