In conjunction with Autism organizations around our nation, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office proudly recognizes April as Autism Awareness Month. We celebrate the efforts of those in our community who help provide training, education, and awareness about this developmental disorder, as well as the caregivers who despite a multitude of challenges remain committed to sharing their love, time, and energy to ensure a safe and secure environment is provided  for their loved ones.

Autism Awareness Month helps bring a light to those impacted by autism and the services and assistance they need in order to live meaningful lives. For nearly twelve years, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has been shining a light for autism awareness through its use of the Project Lifesaver Program and the MedicAlert Foundation ID bracelet.

Though different in nature, both programs are designed to assist you in having a plan in place to protect your loved one from a wandering emergency. Below is information that can help you take action today to protect your at-risk loved one and help bring you peace of mind: 

  • The Project Lifesaver Program uses state-of-the-art radio technology to help locate a missing person with the use of a personalized wristband worn by the participant and electronic tracking equipment used by specially trained members of the sheriff’s office search and rescue team. This program helps provide rapid response to save lives and reduce potential for serious injury for adults and children who wander. The program is a partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and the Pilot Club of Fort Myers.
  • The MedicAlert Foundation has developed a program for law enforcement agencies that allows all participating agencies to enroll community members who are at-risk for wandering into the Medic Alert national registry/database and provides enrollees with a medical identification bracelet at no charge.
If you would like more information on Project Lifesaver or MedicAlert, or if you would like for a member of our team to speak to your organization or caregivers support group, please call 258-3280.