Corrections Overview

Corrections Overview

Jail Facility

The Lee County Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all Lee County jail facilities, which include:

  • Downtown Jail: The Jail is a maximum security facility with 457 beds. It serves as the central intake and booking facility for all people arrested within Lee County.
  • Core Facility: The Core Facility is a medium/maximum facility with 1,216 beds. This facility is also the primary housing facility for the female inmate population. The Core facility provides the main operating services such as food, medical and laundry for Corrections.
  • Community Programs Unit (CPU): The CPU is a minimum security facility with 336 beds. It offers a wide array of programs to assist inmates with re-entry skills, and alcohol and drug treatment.


Lee County Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau  had an average daily inmate population of 1,758 in 2018, an increase from an average daily inmate population of 1,554 inmates the prior year. 

Other highlights include:

  • Admissions booked:  25,741
  • Admissions released: 25,536
  • Inmate GEDs earned: 31
  • Inmate cost/day (FY 17-18):  $88.50
  • Inmate medical costs: $10,724,046
  • Cost of food: $3,043,383
  • Inmate meals served: 1,949,100
  • Inmate transport miles: 203,463

Mailing or Bringing Items to Inmates 

Inmate Telephone Calling Provider Information: 
Telephone Guide (PDF)
Account Transfer Guide (PDF)