Civil Services

Request Civil Process Service

The primary purpose of serving civil process papers or orders is to give a respondent notice that a legal proceeding has been filed against them. The process also assigns jurisdiction in the court that issued the process.

 In Lee County, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for serving civil process originating in the Supreme Court, Circuit Court, County Courts, Board of County Commissioners, local government code enforcement boards and other governmental agencies as may be provided by law. Members of the LCSO Civil Section serve civil process based on the fee schedule below:

Notice to Appear/Small Claims Summons: $40
Order/Notice: $40
Order to Show Cause: $40
Summons – Divorce: $40
Summons – 5-day Eviction/5- & 20-day Eviction: $40
Summons – Lawsuit: $40
Summons – Show Cause: $40
Summons – Replevin: $40
Subpoena: $40
Tax Deed Notice: $40
Writ of Garnishment: $40
Writ of Attachment: $90
Writ of Possession: $90
Writ of Replevin: $90
Order of Commitment: $90
Out of State: $80 * Must provide an original Court document with a Court Seal along with a copy for service and a SASE. If you are unable to provide a document with a court seal, please contact a Private Process Service. A list of Private Process Servers can be found at

Directions for Levy on Personal and Real Property

LCSO Civil Division address is 2072 Victoria Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901
Hours of Business: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Form of payment accepted include a business check payable to Lee County Sheriff Office (no personal checks accepted), cashier's check, money order and cash (exact amount only). Call (239) 477-1353 or fax (239) 477-1170 for additional information.