Cell Dog Program


Captain Thomas Weaver (Retired 09/01/2007), implemented this program after watching a television show about cell dog programs.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services and Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

While our animals come from shelters. It is our goal to make each adoption a successful, lifelong relationship between pet and owner. You will find photos and information about available dogs on our site.

If you are interested in adopting, the following will walk you through the requirements.

  • A securely fenced yard is required for all medium to large dog adoptions.
  • Town home or apartment living with a reasonable schedule of outdoor exercise is permitted for our smaller adoptees.
  • Aside from fenced yards, no unsupervised off-leash situations allowed.
  • Financial ability to support your new dog including food, shelter and veterinary care.
  • Commitment to take care of your new best friend. Adoptions are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Since 2004, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Cell Dog Program has trained over 300 dogs. Our dogs, has constant companions with their inmate handlers; the dogs not only gain behavioral instruction but socialization skills as well.

The dog training program, taught by volunteers from K-9’s Comes 1st, teaches inmates how to obedience train dogs during an intensive 6 to 8 possible 12-week course. Upon graduation, the dogs are highly adoptable and possess obedience skills such as heel, sit, recall, and stay. They are house trained, leash trained, responsive to voice commands, and some hand signals. Not only does the Cell Dog Program give a second chance to these shelter animals, it also provides job skills to inmates in the areas of dog training, dog grooming and veterinary assistant skills.

In 2004, our partnerships started with Lee County Domestic Animal Services and Gulf Coast Humane Society.