2018 Deputy of the Year

                                  2018 Ryan Lynn                   2019 Brian Walkowiak              

Deputy's of the Year

Deputy Ryan Lynn conducted a traffic stop on South Cleveland Avenue in April 2018 near the intersection of Fowler Street in which a male passenger fled from the traffic stop. Deputy Lynn did not immediately pursue the passenger, and detained the male driver and additional female passenger until more units arrived.

Central District deputies responded to the scene and established a perimeter along with Deputy Brian Walkowiak and his K-9 partner. Deputy Lynn assisted Deputy Walkowiak with the canine track to locate the fleeing passenger, while Sergeant Brian Gunn remained with the two detained subjects from the vehicle.

Prior to the stop, the subjects were seen exiting the nearby Howard Johnson hotel, so perimeter units focused on that area. Responding deputies and nearby witnesses noticed the passenger was armed with a handgun. As deputies closed in on his location, they gave multiple orders for him to drop the firearm, which he did not do.  At one point, he pointed the firearm at his own head, then turned the firearm and pointed it at Deputy Lynn and Deputy Walkowiak.

Fearing for their own lives, and the lives of fellow deputies, Deputy Lynn and Deputy Walkowiak bravely engaged and fired their weapons, striking the passenger multiple times. Deputy Walkowiak also released his canine partner, which grabbed the passenger. Deputies were then able to disarm and detain him before administering first-aid. Deputies were able to utilize two department-issued “trauma kits” to treat the multiple gunshot wounds and stop and/or slow bleeding until Lee County Emergency Medical Services arrived.

During the subsequent investigation, it was revealed the passenger was about to enter a plea where he would be sentenced to prison. He also made comments to those in the vehicle about how he would rather die than go back to prison.