2018 Corrections Deputy of the Year

2018 Corrections Deputy of the Year

Corrections Deputy of the Year

While off-duty and getting service done on his vehicle in December 2018, Deputy Javier Rosa observed an altercation between two customers.

It was determined that two customers had become verbal with employees after they were unhappy with their service. The verbal argument escalated when one of the customers physically battered an employee. The second female customer also became physical and armed herself with a pair of scissors.

Deputy Rosa quickly identified himself and ordered the female customer to drop the scissors. The female refused to comply. Due to the volatility of the situation, Deputy Rosa drew his off-duty weapon and brought it to a low ready. This caused one of the customers to disarm the other and de-escalated the situation until deputies could get on scene and secure the two suspects.

If it was not for the quick thinking of Deputy Rosa, and his ability to control this volatile situation, someone may have been seriously hurt.