Virtual Ride Along

Central District June 2018

We’re on a traffic stop right now. This vehicle had an inoperable tag light. Dep. Grossi gave her a verbal warning. She was told to get her tag light fixed.


On the road again..


While patrolling the area of Dunbar, Dep. Grossi observed a disturbance at the corner of Henderson and Thomas. While trying to calm down the situation, the suspect ran on foot. Dep. Grossi ran after the suspect, the suspect slipped while running, Dep. Grossi then apprehended him. Dep. Grossi searched the suspect and found a crack pipe and marijuana. The suspect, who is a violent felony offender, will be charged with Violation of Probation, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Marijuana and Resisting Arrest. The suspect was medically cleared by jail nursing staff and they will treat his wounds accordingly.

                          7            8        


Dep. Grossi got the evidence ready and placed it in the evidence drop box.

                     5                    6

Dep. Grossi saw that the rain was getting heavier, so he stopped to help this gentleman get back home by pushing him in his wheelchair to his home on the next block.


Dep. Grossi and Dep. Poirier arrested this man on a felony warrant.


Here’s a good piece of advice: Don’t EVER get out of your vehicle during a traffic stop unless you’re told to do so by the law enforcement officer that pulled you over. #dontdoit


Dep. Grossi and Dep. Lynn meeting car to car to go over some paperwork.