Deputy of the Year 2019

Dep Smith - Deputy of the Year 2019

Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year 2019

On September 3, 2019, Deputy Michael Swift, School Resource Officer at Gateway Charter High School, received information regarding a threat of violence targeting Lee County Schools. Deputy Swift thoroughly investigated the threat and ultimately identified the suspect as Constantine Grant. It was determined Grant had an infatuation for the Columbine school shooting, and idolized the two suspects, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Deputy Swift began monitoring Grants every move while on school campus and was able to initiate an involuntary baker act. Deputy Swift also determined Grant was a danger to both the staff and students at Gateway Charter High School. Deputy Swift relayed vital information to Youth Services Detectives, which ultimately led to a search warrant and probable cause for an arrest. At the conclusion of the investigation, Grant was arrested for charges including intimidation, sending a written threat to conduct a mass shooting, and the use of a firearm in a violent manner.

Deputy Swift is commended for his dedication to duty, persistence and quick response that ensured Grant would not have an opportunity to harm staff and students within our schools.