LCSO Marine Unit Rescues Five Boaters from Capsized Vessel

June 7, 2018

press release2

On Thursday, June 7, 2018 at approximately 8:50 am, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit responded to a vessel taking on water approximately four miles west of “Redfish Pass” in the Gulf of Mexico.

While en route, the deputies were notified that the vessel had capsized and that the occupants were in the water. It was not known if the five adult males had time to secure and utilize life jackets.

As the deputies approached the vessel, they could see the five males sitting on top of a white capsized vessel. Only two of the subjects were wearing life jackets. Captiva Fire Department arrived on scene and saved three subjects who jumped off the vessel. The Lee County Marine Unit assisted the final two subjects and took them aboard their vessel.

All five subjects were transported to South Seas Plantation for further medical attention. None of the subjects suffered serious injuries despite the severity of the incident.

Apparently, the subjects were attempting to anchor the vessel on a reef. The vessel kept slipping anchor and began to drift. One of the subjects jumped in the water to secure the anchor. Once the anchor caught bottom, the vessel leaned to one side.

A wave came over the side swamping the boat. The bilge pump could not keep up with the vessel taking on additional water in the very rough 2’ to 3’ seas.

Subsequently, the vessel rolled over and capsized.

Capsized vessel 2