The enrollment of a client in Project Lifesaver requires that either the client and/or caregiver pay for the use and maintenance of the transmitter equipment and supplies, or must depend on the generous donation of funds by individuals and organizations. If a potential client and caregiver cannot pay for the equipment and supplies and donations are not available to cover the costs, the applicant is placed on a waiting list until such time that funds are available to cover the costs of admitting and maintaining the client in the program. Equipment and supplies remain the property of LCSO Project Lifesaver and upon departure of a client from the program, are returned, inspected, and reassigned as needed.

Costs for the Enrollment of Each Lifesaver Client

New Client Package (including wrist transmitter, battery and band)
Nylon Band
Plastic Band
Plus Shipping and Handling Costs
Total Cost for Adding a New Client to the Program $275 plus $10 per month

In addition to the above initial costs, the battery and band must be replaced monthly and the transmitter case must be replaced periodically. To protect the investment and ensure that the equipment functions correctly, every 30 days LCSO Project Lifesaver members test the transmitter and the client battery/transmitter tester, review the caregiver's daily Project Lifesaver paperwork for accuracy, update the client information, and answer any questions the caregiver may have at that time.

If a client and caregiver do not follow the program requirements or if they leave the program for some other reason, the equipment is returned to LCSO Project Lifesaver for use by another client.

Cost of Emergency Responder Equipment

The implementation of the Lee County Lifesaver Program required the purchase of a minimum of seven (7) Emergency Responder Packages which include everything a responder needs to conduct a search for a missing client.  This minimum allows one package per LCSO substation and one package for the LCSO Project Lifesaver Coordinator who provides training to other LCSO members on the use of the equipment and also performs testing of client equipment.  The cost in July 2006 was $2275 per package, bringing the initial total cost for Lee County's Project Lifesaver Emergency Responder Packages to $15,925.  It is recommended that each substation have three (3) Emergency Responder Packages, so the quantity of Responder Packages on hand will need to increase as more clients are added.  As of January, 2007, the cost per Responder Package rose to $2415.

Making a Donation

If you would like to help with this worthwhile program, financial donations may be sent to:

Lee County Sheriff’s Office
14750 Six Mile Cypress Parkway
Fort Myers, Florida 33912
Attn: Project Lifesaver – Senior Services

Or contact:

Lee County Sheriff’s Office
Senior Services