Phone: 239-477-1000
Emergency: 911
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Communications Operator 1

Salary Range: $23,275.00 - $43,680.00
Hours per Week: 40 (Full-time)
Department: Communications

Primary Responsibilities:

The work is performed in a call center environment and involves call-taking of emergency and non-emergency calls. Communications Operator I Trainee – $23,275 + $2000.00 annual incentive ($12.15 hourly). Communication Operator I Trainees must attend a minimum 232 hours of paid training and successfully pass mandatory state certification exam. Good communication skills are essential including the ability to be courteous, pleasant, helpful, and easily understood when speaking on the telephone. Successful completion of field training and required state examination will lead to job classification change to Communications Operator II and a pay increase. Communications Operator II – (Passed State Certification Exam) $27,194 + $2500 annual incentive ($14.28 hourly) Communications Operators handle a large volume of incoming emergency and non-emergency telephone calls from the public. Communications Operators must establish effective working relationships with other employees and organizations in emergency or other situations; they must adapt quickly to changes; be able to recall information such as major streets and law enforcement codes; they must communicate with clients and customers to satisfy their expectations; and be committed to quality customer service.

Essential Functions:

Communications Operators must have knowledge of general office procedures sufficient to perform clerical duties as assigned; ability to define problems; collect data quickly and accurately; and draw solid conclusions. They will be expected to convey verbal information in a clear, concise and intelligent manner. Written communications must be accurate, concise, legible, timely and grammatically correct. This position requires the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays. This job may also require working during natural disasters, including hurricanes. Successful fulfillment of Communications Operator I/II will/may lead to opportunity for promotion to Communications Operator III (Dispatcher) if desired. $30,257 + $3,500 annual incentive ($16.23 hourly). Communications Operator III will operate a two-way radio console to transmit information, dispatch patrol units to calls, monitor radio traffic, and interpret and understand radio traffic. Employees will have to interpret radio communications even if the signal is weak or breaking up. Good communication skills are essential including the ability to listen, speak clearly and be easily understood by others. Employees receive lengthy on-the-job training. Work is performed with a supervisor present.

Desired Job Experience:

None; however experience in customer service or in a call-center environment can be helpful.

Desired Education:

Must have a U.S. high school diploma or equivalent as recognized by the State of Florida

Other Qualifications:

Be a legal citizen/alien resident of the United States. Must be 18 years or older. Equal Opportunity Employer with Veteran's Preference.

Minimum Physical Requirements:

Bend, squat, lift, stand and sit for long periods. Vision or corrected vision to allow for reading computer screens, typing, documents, etc, hearing or corrected hearing to allow for receiving information for accuracy.

This posting will close 2017-07-21