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The Lee County Sheriff's Office employee & retiree benefits site contains information on: medical, dental, vision, contact numbers, and other important resources. At anytime we welcome you to contact the Benefits / Risk Management Unit for additional information at (239) 477-1089

Hartford In-Line-Of-Duty

When an officer is accidentally killed in the line-of-duty, Florida and Federal laws require certain benefits for their family. $50,000 Accidental Death, Florida Statutes, Sections 112.19 and 112.91: This provides that if a law enforcement officer, under the age of 70, is accidentally killed while engaged in the performance of any of the duties of their profession, their beneficiary shall receive the sum of $50,000. This payment is in addition to Worker's Compensation or Pension Benefits and is exempt from creditors' claims. $150,000 Intentional Death, Florida Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters Death Benefit Act, Florida Statutes, Sections 112.1904 and 112.1914: This law provides that if a law enforcement officer or firefighter, as a consequence of the performance of their duties, is unlawfully and intentionally killed, their estate will be paid $150,000. The employer is also to pay for educational costs for any dependent children of the deceased officer $25,000, if an On-Duty Death Occurs While The Officer Is Engaged In Fresh Pursuit (if applicable), Florida Statutes, Section 112.19: This law applies if a law enforcement officer or firefighter is engaged in fresh pursuit/emergency response death. Worker's Compensation - Death Benefits are payable up to $100,000 for member's on-duty death.

Effective July 1, 2015 under HAZARDS, BENEFITS AND AMOUNTS of the above policy, the ADD and AD Benefit Amounts are adjusted by the Consumer Price Index set forth by the Bureau of Criminal Justice & The State Fire Marshall Office as defined by Statutes 112.19 & 112.191. The adjusted benefit amounts are as follows:

Class Hazard Benefit Amount
1 C-62 ADD $66,041.74 in the line of duty
C-64 AD $66,041.74 fresh pursuit
C-31 VL118 AD $198,669.21 unlawful & intentional death

Please contact the Benefits Unit at 239-477-1089 to obtain a copy of the policy.

For more information on your in-line-of-duty life insurance benefits, please refer to chapter 22.