Phone: 239-477-1000
Emergency: 911
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The Lee County Sheriff's Office employee & retiree benefits site contains information on: medical, dental, vision, contact numbers, and other important resources. At anytime we welcome you to contact the Benefits / Risk Management Unit for additional information at (239) 477-1089

Important Numbers & Websites



                                            Lee County Sheriff Benefits & Risk Management Team

                                            Benefits and Risk Management                         239-477-1089

                                            Benefits Fax                                                    239-574-3136

                                            Risk Management Fax                                     239-574-3141

                                            CIGNA Member Services


                                             Health Insurance (Medical/Dental)                    800-244-6224

                                             CIGNA Vision                                                 877-478-7557

                                             Mail Order Delivery                                          800-835-3784

                                             Healthy Reward                                               800-870-3470

                                             Lifestlye Management                                      866-417-7848            


                                             Star Care

                                              Phone                                                 239-768-0127


                                              Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


                                              Phone                                                239-278-7435                           

                                              Fax                                                    239-278-7439