Phone: 239-477-1000
Emergency: 911
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The Lee County Sheriff's Office employee & retiree benefits site contains information on: medical, dental, vision, contact numbers, and other important resources. At anytime we welcome you to contact the Benefits / Risk Management Unit for additional information at (239) 477-1089

Voluntary Vendors

DEFERRED COMPENSATION – You may prepare for retirement by
contributing to a retirement fund through payroll deduction. Representatives
from the following deferred compensation companies are available:

SUPPLEMENTAL BENEFITS – May be purchased on a voluntary
basis and paid through payroll deduction. Representatives are available from
the following companies:

  • AFLAC (WEBSITE) (Aflac Product Videos) – Sandra Dillon– (239) 910-2518 
  • Colonial (WEBSITE) – Andrew Nolan – (727) 825-3766  or  CS: 800-325-4368
  • Primerica - Lorraine Albino-Hinkley (239) 850-4112 (NOT ON PAYROLL)
  • Source Brokerage (WEBSITE) Brochure (PDF) 888-543-3634 (NOT ON PAYROLL)

VOLUNTARY LIFE INSURANCE – May be purchased through
payroll deduction from the following companies:

LEGAL SERVICES – provide legal service plans through payroll deduction on a pre-paid bases i.e. identify theft, family law, estate planning, adoption, bankruptcy and more from the following:

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS – Complimentary membership card and access to online discount directory and special services offered to members by local and national businesses.

  • HeroCare Rewards (WEBSITE) Flyer (PDF) - (877) 437-6411
  • Fifth Third Bank - Jamie Stone (239) 225-2055
  • SunCoast Credit Union - 800-999-5887