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Update #2 - Former Bank Teller Arrested After Stealing More Than $100,000
Friday, March 8, 2013

Sarah Stone has been adjudicated guilty and sentenced to 90 days in the Lee County Jail followed by 2 years Community Control and then 13 months State Probation.  Stone has also been ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $106,000.

(Update #1 from October 11, 2012)

Sarah Stone is now in custody at the Lee County Jail. She had fled the area and eluded capture following the issuance of a warrant for Grand Theft more than $100,000 and Scheme to Defraud. Her last known address was 1108 Pearl Street, Key West, but when an attempt was made to locate her at that address, she had fled from there as well. Detectives with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Unit discovered she was using the address of 655 George Bush Boulevard, Delray Beach. She was arrested at that address on Tuesday, October 8th and transported to Lee County the following day.

(Initial press release from October 8, 2012)

"Former Bank Teller Arrested After Stealing More Than $100,000"

A former bank teller has been arrested after she was caught stealing more than $107,000 during the 8 month period of January 2011 through August 2011.

Sarah Katherine Stone (DOB 10/06/1983) was the head teller at First Community Bank, 5200 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers. She became the subject of an extensive investigation after auditors discovered her teller drawer was short by at least $2000 on August 30, 2011. During the audit, Stone excused herself to use the restroom but actually left the bank and fled from the scene.

An extensive audit of bank transactions revealed she was not processing general ledger entries. In order to commit the thefts, Stone maintained two sets of books in an attempt to keep her scheme from being discovered.

In addition to her thefts from the bank, the investigation revealed Stone stole $4100 from three customers by altering checks being cashed and keeping the additional funds for herself. It was also discovered Stone had a personal account with Suncoast Schools Credit Union that suffered a loss through Stone’s practice of over-drafting her account by writing checks to herself or “cash” at First Community Bank.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Stone after the discovery of more than $86,000 in missing funds. Further investigation revealed the amount to be much higher and that Stone had actually stolen $107,000.

Sarah Stone was located and arrested on Tuesday, October 9th at her residence at 655 George Bush Boulevard, Delray Beach in Palm Beach County. She will be transported back to Lee County at a later date where she will face charges of Grand Theft over $100,000 (a first degree felony) and Scheme to Defraud.

After Stone is transported to the Lee County Jail, an inmate photo and additional information will be available by visiting the Sheriff's Office website at and clicking on the Arrest Search button on the home page.