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Rainy Day Reminders for Safer Roads
Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yesterday saw heavy rains and winds across Southwest Florida.  When there are extended periods between rainy weather, public safety responders know the roadways will be more hazardous and expect an increase in crashes.  We also notice some motorists tend to forget three important rules of the road. 

As a public safety reminder, the Lee County Sheriff's Office and Stay Alive …. Just Drive! want to highlight these three important laws often overlooked:

  • The Move Over Act - Protect your public safety professionals working crashes, disabled vehicles and highway obstructions
  • Wipers On Headlights On - Your taillights are also on. All three combined help you to see and be seen 
  • Yield the Right-of-Way to Emergency Vehicles - Allow emergency responders to get past you and don't follow closely 

Here's a brief summary of the respective Florida Statutes:

MOVE OVER ACT FSS 316.126 – Vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle or wrecker when driving on an interstate highway or other highway with two or more lanes traveling in the direction of the emergency vehicle or wrecker. If you can’t vacate the lane you must reduce your speed by 20 mph, if the posted speed is 20 mph or less you must reduce your speed to 5 mph.

WHEN HEADLIGHTS ARE REQUIRED FSS 316.217 – During any rain, smoke or fog.

YIELD TO EMERGENCY VEHICLES FSS 316.126 – Yield the way to the emergency vehicle and shall immediately proceed to a position parallel to and as close as reasonable to the closest edge of the curb of the roadway.

Traffic safety, it's no accident!

Media inquiries are directed to the Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer at (239) 477-1340 or Jay Anderson with Stay Alive...Just Drive! at (239) 340-8693 (