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Economic Crimes FAQs

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I received a letter from a foreign country telling me I won millions of dollars in the lottery, how do I know if it’s real?
I received a solicitation (fax, letter, or email) from Nigeria offering to transfer millions of dollars into my bank account. Who should I report this to?
Are pyramid schemes Illegal?
Help! I hired a contractor who did not complete, or even start work on my house. Where can I file a complaint?
I hired a handyman to paint the exterior of my home for $3000. The handyman stated he did not need to be licensed through the Contractors State Licensing Board since he was going to bill me by the hour. Does he need a License?
I was the winning bid on an Internet auction site. I sent the seller a money order for the item, but never received it. Where can I go to file a complaint?
I read an ad in the local news paper offering guaranteed loans if I paid $750 in loan fees in advance. Should I be concerned about this offer?
How does an identity theft criminal get your information?
I believe I may have been a victim of identity theft, who do I call?
Whom do I notify of spam and phishing e-mails?
How do I reduce the number of phone calls I receive from telemarketers?
How do I opt out of mailing lists?
How do I learn more about the frauds and scams going on in our area?
How do I report a fraud or scam or suspected fraud or scam?
Does the Lee County Sheriff's Office look into scam letters, phone calls, and emails?