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Why can it take so long to get my civil paper served?


Service problems may vary but some of the most common delays are: - Improper or incomplete service address (P.O. Boxes cannot be used). - Delays in paper processing due to the filing location (example: Cape Coral Clerk's Office, U.S. Mail or Fed-X delivery delays, observance of holidays by the Court and Clerk Office closures). - No included service instructions. - No self-addressed, stamped envelope or information for returns. - No information on respondent's or defendant's place of employment or contact numbers. Suggestions: - Only provide certified, stamped clerk's copies and/or originals for service. - Provide only cash, money orders, cashiers checks or business checks when dropping off civil process for service (no personal checks, credit cards, debit cards accepted). Avoidance of the above-mentioned reasons for delays and compliance with the noted suggestions could avoid processing delays and ensure faster, more accurate service when attempting to effect service of civil process.