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Can inmates receive telephone calls?


Incoming calls or messages to the inmate will not be accepted. However inmates have access to telephones during the day and can call you collect. If the inmate has received disciplinary confinement due to behavior, phone calls will be allowed only two times a week. In the case of a medical emergency within the inmate’s family, you can call the shift supervisor who will verify the emergency and allow the inmate a special outgoing phone privilege.

NEW Phone Provider: On March 24th, 2010 we will be changing phone providers for the inmate telephone system. The new provider will be GTL. You will need to contact GTL to setup an account so that you may still receive calls from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Facilities.

GTL: 1-866-230-7761

Please review the following information regarding the Inmate Telephone Service:

Telephone Guide- English (PDF)
Account Transfer Guide (PDF)