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What are some of the things that can deny or cancel my visitation?


Visitors, including any accompanying children, must maintain the highest level of behavior at all times. The following will cause you to lose your visiting privileges and may cause you to have future privileges revoked:

  • Free visit must be scheduled by phone - No walk-ins.
  • Attempting to provide outdated identification (ID must have photo and D.O.B.)
  • Failure to follow dress code rules
  • Inmate refusal of the visit
  • Yelling, cursing or becoming disruptive in any way
  • Disrespectful toward facility staff
  • Failure to control your accompanying children
  • Attempting to communicate with any inmate other than in a visiting booth
  • Standing, loitering, waving, yelling anywhere around the facility
  • Failure of the visitors and inmates to remain in an upright position at all times
  • Lewd conduct or inappropriate behavior by visitors or inmates
  • Being under the influence of, or impaired by drugs or alcohol, which could even result in your arrest and prosecution
  • The detection of contraband in your possession which could also subject you to arrest and prosecution
  • Possession of cell phones

By completing the visitors information form, you indicate that you have read and understand these rules and will abide by them. Any exceptions to these rules must be requested by the inmate in writing and approved by the facility commander.