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We have a big traffic problem in our neighborhood. What can be done about it?


This is one of the most common questions received by the Sheriff.  We recommend you contact your local district office to let them know the times the problems occur and the nature of the offense (see About Us - Patrol Districts - there's a convenient map at the bottom of the page, if you don't know what district you reside).  They'll set up area checks for you.  You may also want to call the Traffic Unit, too.  You can contact the Traffic Unit by calling the non-emergency phone number to the Sheriff Office (239) 477-1000 or send an e-mail and the webmaster will forward it for you (click on Contact Us on the home page).  

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott continues to place an emphasis on traffic enforcement.  This safety priority is reflected in the number of citations and written warnings for traffic violations issued in 2011:

Citations:   30,741

Warnings:  64,343 

If you want to see how many were written in your area, check out page 4 of the 2011 Annual Report, available on our website.  Click on the About Us tab, then Public Reports

 Traffic safety is everyone's responsibility.  You can learn more by checking out our Traffic Watch section on our home page.