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Why don't I see more deputies patrolling my neighborhood?


If you don’t see deputies patrolling your neighborhood very often, it could be an indication that you live in a safe and relatively crime-free neighborhood.   Also, uniformed deputies may actually patrol in your area at times you would not necessarily see them.  These include at peak hours when criminal activity can be anticipated while you are at work or asleep.

Another important factor to consider, "Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean that they are not there."  While deputies driving marked vehicles are easily recognized, at any given moment in the day or night, there are many more agency members traveling the streets and highways in cities and communities across Lee County that you most likely wouldn't attribute to the Sheriff's Office.  These deputies include:

  • Plain-clothes detectives
  • Undercover officers
  • Fugitive warrant detectives
  • Civil process deputies
  • Sexual predator/offender detectives
  • K-9 deputies
  • School Resource Officers (SRO's) 
  • Marine patrol deputies
  • Aviation pilots
  • Youth gang detectives
  • Traffic enforcement deputies
  • Highway interdiction deputies
  • Bicycle patrol deputies
  • Agriculture deputies  
  • Juvenile Assessment and Monitoring (JAM) deputies
  • Supervisors.

You may have noticed one of our deputies lives in your neighborhood.  The Sheriff's Office established a "take-home car" policy many years ago.  We believe the benefit of certified law enforcement deputies traveling to and from their home to work allows quicker response to priority citizen calls for service while providing high visibility in neighborhoods, a deterrent to criminal activity and traffic violations.  

Finally, be assured, in the unfortunate event a particular neighborhood suddenly begins to experience an increase in crime or specific crime trend, specialized units and deputies are deployed to deal with that problem until the peace of the neighborhood is restored.