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Incidents By Location


The current incidents by location is out of date since Feb 26th due to internal changes in software. We are working to bring this back up to date (possibly by late Sept or Oct), but until it is up you can use the Crime Mapping tool.

Search for certain closed incidents reported to the Lee County Sheriff's Office for the past 4 years.

The text you enter to be searched for must be a street address. Do not include city or state. If you specify an exact address (number, street name, street type), it will return incidents for only that exact spelling/address. If you type part of the address it will return incidents where that sequence of letters appears as part of the address, therefore returning more results.

Due to active investigations, incidents will be delayed 48 hours before appearing here.

Florida law protects the identity of victims in sex crimes and child abuse cases. In accordance with Florida State Statute s. 119.071(2)(h)1. F.S., incidents related to sexual crimes or child abuse will NOT be published. Also note, incidents reported to area police departments or other agencies are not available on our website.