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Fraud Line

In 2006 the Lee County Sheriff's Office was the first in Florida to have a program specifically designed to pull together communities,law enforcement, prosecutors,elder law attorneys,and elder human services workers in a program called Communities Against Senior Exploitation (C.A.S.E.) This program includes seminars on identity theft prevention, frauds and scams prevention,home improvement scams many more, as well as, monthly fraud alerts and operating a fraud line.

Citizens may call or emails our Fraud Line to ask questions about the legitimacy of calls and e-mails they have received or to ask for help if they've fallen for a fraud or scam and are unsure how to move forward.

Sheriff Mike Scott

Fraud Line: 239-258-3292


"Older adults are more likely to be targeted for scams and fraud. The CASE Partnership gives older consumers the tools they need to empower and protect themselves."  Mike Scott, Sheriff

Fraud Alerts Page

Frauds, Scams, & Cons Brochure (PDF)

CASE provides a faith-based program for elder fraud prevention, crime detection and reporting, and victim support. In the case of LCSO, program components include:

  • An ongoing partnership between LCSO and faith-based communities.
  • Faith-based Power Against Fraud prevention seminars led by LCSO staff.
  • Monthly Fraud Alerts sent to the faith partners for congregational distribution.
  • Fraud prevention assistance and victim support.

By involving the faith community, CASE builds an alliance that reaches a large and broad audience of older adults, their families and caregivers, as well as clergy and other community leaders. The CASE Program is a successful community partnership that uses the trust and compassion associated with faith communities to effectively educate and empower, protect and assist older adults.