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Safe Summer Driving Tips
Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As the weather heats up and daylight lasts long into the evening, many people will welcome the Florida summer by hitting the highway for a long-anticipated vacation. In the coming months motorists will find themselves faced with distractions, traffic congestion, construction zones and impatient drivers. These hazards can and do lead to dangerous driving, resulting in crashes that could be life altering or even fatal.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office suggests every driver brush up on their driving skills by following these safety tips:

 • Concentrate on driving, not on passengers, cellular phones, or other distractions.

• Obey speed limits.

 • Maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead.

 • When entering a roadway or changing lanes, allow other drivers to maintain speed.

• Drive in the right lane, pass on the left.

• Signal several hundred feet before turning or changing lanes.

• Stop at stop signs and red lights; don’t run yellow lights.

• Don’t block intersections.

• Respect pedestrian right-of ways in cross walks.

• Look a few blocks ahead to detect and avoid dangerous situations before they happen.

• Allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination by planning for the possibility of traffic tie-ups, fender-benders, bad weather, etc.

• Avoid road rage by keeping your emotions in check.

• Get plenty of rest before driving. Falling asleep at the wheel is a recipe for disaster.

Sheriff Mike Scott encourages all Lee County residents and visitors to follow these rules of the road and is proud to offer safe driving assistance through “CarFit – Helping Mature Drivers Find Their Perfect Fit”, “Seniors Driving Safely” and “Teen Driver Challenge”. All three of these programs are free of charge and are designed not to evaluate driving but to enhance safety and skills behind the wheel. More information can be found at or you can call Community Relations at (239) 477-1400.

To arrange for someone to come out to your community to talk about this or another safety or security topic please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Community Relations Section at 239-477-1400.