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Crime Prevention Programs and Services

Tour of HQ with child petting K9 We reach out to you with crime prevention and safety programs you can become a part of and with topics we will gladly present to you or your group, free of charge.

Interested in scheduling a speaker for your group? Want to take part in a program that may prevent you or your business from being affected by crime? Like to volunteer or make a donation towards crime prevention?.

To request information or services:
Call the Crime Prevention Unit at (239) 258-3280.

A minimum of two weeks notice is usually necessary to acquire a speaker. Please note that this does not guarantee a speaker will be available.

Presentation Topics

A wide variety of presentations are offered by our Florida Crime Prevention Practitioners. These presentations vary in length and are a free service of the Lee County Sheriff's Office. These presentations provide information and tips to promote safety and help prevent crime.

It may also be possible to arrange other Lee County Sheriff's Office speakers including our representatives from various volunteer crime prevention programs, such as Crime Stoppers, V.O.I.C.E. (Volunteer Observers Impacting Community Effort), or specific areas of the Lee County Sheriff's Office like the K-9 Unit, Marine Unit, Aviation, and more.

To schedule a speaker, call the Crime Prevention Unit at (239) 258-3280, a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

Participative Programs

We also coordinate or partner with, provide information from, and refer to many LCSO or community safety and crime prevention programs that require some participation on your part. In addition we offer volunteer and donation opportunities in several crime prevention and crime education programs. You decide based on the program or programs that can help you and on your ability to participate.

You can take an active role in improving the safety of your family, home, business and community. To join a program that helps you; to volunteer; or to make a donation to fight crime, call the Crime Prevention Unit at (239) 258-3280.

A minimum of two weeks notice is usually necessary to acquire a speaker” and that this does not guarantee a speaker will be available
Active ShooterThis program teaches community members what to do if caught in an active shooter situation.
Alcohol and Drug AwarenessWe teach basic awareness of the effects of drugs and alcohol.
Alzheimer's Wanderer's I.D. and Safety ProgramA program of the Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center, Inc., this service involves registering persons who suffer memory disorders and have a tendency to wander away. The Lee County Sheriff's Office can provide you with the safety packet from the Resource Center. The list of registered citizens with special needs is shared by the Resource Center and LCSO.
Anti-BullyingThis program centers around self control and anger management, as well as tolerance and peer pressure. This presentation can be geared towards youth of any age or parents.
Auto Theft PreventionReceive special education about the various ways you can protect your autombiles from being broken into and stolen.
Auto Theft Prevention RalliesAttend and participate in a rally to raise your awareness about auto theft and what you can do to help protect your vehicle.
Bank SafetyWe can help banking staff can explore ways your financial institution can be protected from becoming a target of criminal activity.
Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety ProgramAdults and children can participate in this progam to learn about the laws pertaining to bicycles and pedestrians, and how to make yourselves safer when you are pursuing bicycle or pedestrian activities.
Boat SafetyBoat Safety is a program where boat and water safety and laws are discussed.
Business Burglary/Robbery PreventionKnow the basic steps businesses can take to protect your employees and customers in the event your business is robbed. Tips are also provided to help the sheriff's office investigation in the event a crime does occur.
Business CrimeVarious types of business crimes are explored by the speaker and suggestions are offered to your business to help prevent them.
Business WatchBusinesses involved in this program learn about suspicious activity, and participate in special methods that help them report crime to the Sheriff's Office.
Business/Commercial SurveyYou may may opt to have a law enforcement professional review the basic security currently in place at your business and you will receive information on the steps you can take to improve security.
CASE PartnershipCASE Partnership, Communities Against Senior Exploitation is a program designed to combat telemarketing and other elder fraud through alliances made between prosecutors and law enforcement agencies and faith communities. It provides a faith-based program for elder fraud prevention, crime detection and reporting, and victim support. It is a successful community partnership that uses the trust and compassion associated with faith communities to effectively educate and empower, protect and assist older adults.
CASE Topics Brochure (PDF)
CASE Overview Brochure (PDF)
Print Directions.
Celebrate Safe CommunitiesCelebrate Safe Communities (CSC) is crime prevention done the right way – local people working with local law enforcement to address local issues. CSC spotlights communities’ crime prevention efforts, enhances public awareness of vital crime prevention and safety messages, and recruits year-round support for ongoing prevention activities that help people keep neighborhoods safe from crime and prepared for any emergency. This program takes place during the first week of October every year and is designed to coincide with National Crime Prevention Month.
Cell Dog ProgramThis program is run in cooperation with the Lee County Domestic Animal Services and the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Most of these dogs were in jeopardy of being euthanized. With the help of professional trainers, inmates learn to train and care for dogs. The dogs are under the foster care of the Corrections Bureau and once they pass and are awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizen, they are returned to Animal Services and the Humane Society for adoption.
CERTCERT stands for Cell Extraction Response Team. This team consists of highly trained Corrections Deputies who respond to crisis or dangerous situations within the Corrections environment.
Check/Credit Card/Counterfeiting AwarenessYour staff can learn about current counterfeiting trends and how to protect your business from this criminal activity.
Child FingerprintingHave your children fingerprinted so the prints can be used for child identification purposes. This program is usually conducted by the V.O.I.C.E. members who volunteer their time for LCSO and the community (see V.O.I.C.E. program).
Child SafetyThis program consists of various topics related to child safety, at home, at school, and in the community. Download Neighborhood Safety Brochure (PDF). // Spanish Version Download (PDF) // Download Residential Safety Brochure (PDF) // Spanish Version Download (PDF)
Citizens AcademyTen-week, one night weekly, interactive program to learn all aspects of Lee County Sheriff's Office operations including law enforcement, corrections, special operations, administration, and much more. Call 258-3295 for an application. Download Brochure (PDF)
Community Notification and Registration of Sexual OffendersConvicted sexual offenders relocating to the area are registered and the community is notified.
Community Policing FunctionThe Lee County Sheriff's Office will partner with the community in various ways to creatively solve problems. Download Brochure (PDF) Spanish Version - Download (PDF)
Community Service AideAre you a civic minded person interested in LAW ENFORCEMENT? If so, here is your chance to be part of a unique group of citizens dedicated to helping your community. After successfully completing the CSA Academy and field training, you will become appointed as a paid member of LCSO to help patrol, work parades and other special events, help with traffic control and crowd control and perform some investigations.
Computer/Cyber SecurityThe Florida Department of Law Enforcement also provides information on line as to how to protect computers and computer networks and your children who use the Internet.
Convenience Store Business Security InspectionAllow law enforcement to inspect your convenience store to identify weaknesses in your security and to make security improvement suggestions.
Convicted Elder PredatorsSearch the Florida Department of Corrections Offender Network List. Type your search information on their web page, select CRIMES AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND DISABLED, Submit your Request, then select the type of search results you want to view.
Corrections Housing, Programs and SecurityInformation is provided about the Lee County Jail and/or the Lee County stockade.
Crime and the ElderlySeniors and their caretakers are encouraged to explore the topic of crime as it may affect the elderly. The speaker emphasizes basic crime prevention and personal safety.
Crime Prevention Public AwarenessThis presentation explores public perceptions and misconceptions regarding crime in our area. The speaker will focus on raising public awareness and public safety.
Crime Prevention Through Environmental DesignThe Lee County Sheriff's Office can inspect building site plans prior to construction to identify ways to prevent or reduce crime.
Crime StoppersCitizens are encouraged to report crime-related information to law enforcement through this program that allows you to remain annonymous and possibly collect a reward.
Do the Right ThingNot only children, but teachers, families and the community at large may participate in this program which encourages children grades K-12 to help the community by performing positive acts. Positive behavior by children is reinforced through recognition and rewards. Anyone may nominate a child whose positive actions are above and beyond. Download Brochure (PDF) Spanish Version - Download (PDF)
Domestic ViolenceThis program discusses what to do if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence and how to recognize the signs of domestic violence.
Drug Abuse Resistance EducationWith an ongoing partnership with Lee County Schools, your 5th graders may be involved with this program in their school. The progam teaches children the skills needed to resist drugs.
Drug-Free WorkplaceYou may elect to have either your managers, your employees, or both learn the ways drug use affects the workplace and what can be done to help those suffering from addiction.
ESE/Juvenile School Program (Prevention Program)This program is run by the Lee County School District and is for those incarcerated that are under the age of 18 and for those who were enrolled in an ESE Program in Lee County and are under the age of 22. This program also helps people prepare to take the GED test.
Explorer ProgramYoung people may participate in this program to learn about the Lee County Sheriff's Office and law enforcement.
File of LifeWe can refer seniors to this program of the Lee Memorial Health System. Patients document and store critical medical information in a specific manner so emergency first responders can quickly locate the information.
Financial FraudThis topic explores a variety of fraud examples, and how to avoid becoming a victim.