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Crime Prevention Programs and Services

Tour of HQ with child petting K9 We reach out to you with crime prevention and safety programs you can become a part of and with topics we will gladly present to you or your group, free of charge.

Interested in scheduling a speaker for your group? Want to take part in a program that may prevent you or your business from being affected by crime? Like to volunteer or make a donation towards crime prevention?.

To request information or services:
Call the Crime Prevention Unit at (239) 258-3280.

A minimum of two weeks notice is usually necessary to acquire a speaker. Please note that this does not guarantee a speaker will be available.

Presentation Topics

A wide variety of presentations are offered by our Florida Crime Prevention Practitioners. These presentations vary in length and are a free service of the Lee County Sheriff's Office. These presentations provide information and tips to promote safety and help prevent crime.

It may also be possible to arrange other Lee County Sheriff's Office speakers including our representatives from various volunteer crime prevention programs, such as Crime Stoppers, V.O.I.C.E. (Volunteer Observers Impacting Community Effort), or specific areas of the Lee County Sheriff's Office like the K-9 Unit, Marine Unit, Aviation, and more.

To schedule a speaker, call the Crime Prevention Unit at (239) 258-3280, a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

Participative Programs

We also coordinate or partner with, provide information from, and refer to many LCSO or community safety and crime prevention programs that require some participation on your part. In addition we offer volunteer and donation opportunities in several crime prevention and crime education programs. You decide based on the program or programs that can help you and on your ability to participate.

You can take an active role in improving the safety of your family, home, business and community. To join a program that helps you; to volunteer; or to make a donation to fight crime, call the Crime Prevention Unit at (239) 258-3280.

A minimum of two weeks notice is usually necessary to acquire a speaker” and that this does not guarantee a speaker will be available
Frauds, Scams, ConsYour LCSO representative will explore the current crimes relating to faud and scams, and will teach you how to keep from becoming a victim. Download Brochure (PDF) Spanish Version - Download (PDF)
GED ProgramThis program is open to inmates that do not have their High School Diplomas. They are able to receive help preparing for the GED, and when ready, are able to take the GED Test. In 2009 – 125 inmates received their GED’s; in 2010 – 128 inmates received their GED’s.
Gun Safety for AdultsGun safety and practice can be done at the Lee County Gun Range operated by the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Prior to using the range, you must complete a written application, complete the safety education class, and have a photo taken for a special picture I.D. You are required to show this I.D. and your gun class certificate prior to using the range.
Gun Safety for ChildrenMake your home and children safer by learning about gun safety for children.
HeadquartersGain a better understanding about the Lee County Sheriff's Office and its operations at the headquarters.
Home AloneAn LCSO representative can demonstrate how to keep your children safer when they are home alone.
House of Worship Safety and SecuritySecurity for the House of Worship is a presentation designed to give leaders of houses of worship and/or their security personnel the tools they need to create a safe and secure environment for all of their staff and parishoners. The presentation is designed to identify and assess the vulnerability of the various targets in a house of worship. Then suggest ways to reduce the vulnerability of those targets. Included with the presentation are tools for assessing a house of worship and its practices, as well as suggested guidelines for establishing a Security Committee. An additional handout will be presented for the Security Committee to establish policies for practices in their worship setting.
Identity TheftBe aware of how criminals steal identities, and what can be done to prevent this from occurring to you. The Attorney General's Office of Statewide Prosecution provides steps to take if your identity is stolen on their web site under Consumer Alerts. Download Brochure (PDF) Spanish Version - Download (PDF)
Internet SafetyAdults or children can learn how to safely use the Internet.
Jail SiteLearn about the Lee County Jail and its workings.
K-9 Unit (Canine)Learn about our four-footed law enforcement partners.
Lifeskills ProgramTeaches basic Lifeskills to inmates to help them lead a productive life. The program includes such topics as: Anger management, alternatives to domestic violence, parenting skills, communication skills, men’s and women’s issues, resume writing and job interviewing skills, etc.
Marine UnitLearn about boating and water safety from members of our Marine Unit.
Neighborhood Watch ProgramThis program involves a partnership between the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the community. Citizens learn how to organize and participate in protecting their neighborhood. Download Brochure (PDF) Spanish Version - Download (PDF)
New Directions ProgramThis is a faith based program run by the facility Chaplain and utilizes people from community churches. This program touches on many of the topics presented in the Lifeskills program but from a faith based perspective.
Ortiz SiteLearn about the Lee County Stockade on Ortiz Avenue.
Personal SafetyLearn ways for safe living by protecting yourself in and away from home. Download Brochure (PDF) // Spanish Version - Download (PDF)
Project LivesaverProject Lifesaver is a special program to register limited-ability citizens who may wander in order to help law enforcement agencies more easily find them if they do get lost. Caregivers of these special citizens may register and use a special tracking bracelet for the special citizen to wear. Donations fund the program, so at times there may be a waiting list for new participants to become active in the program. Download Brochure (PDF).   Spanish Version - Download (PDF)
Residential SecurityThe LCSO speaker will explain how you can take a good look at your residence and identify ways to make it less of a target for thieves. Helpful suggestions are given in this informative presentation. Download Brochure (PDF)
Residential Security Survey ProgramLee County Sheriff's Office members visit your home to identify weaknesses in security and make suggestions for improving security.
Residential Substance Abuse TreatmentThe Residential Substance Abuse Treatment is a program that works closely with the court system – most of the people participating in this program are court-ordered. This program includes everything that is taught in the Lifeskills Program but concentrates on helping inmates with addiction problems.
School Resource OfficersLee County Sheriff Office Deputies are assigned to work in the Lee County Public Schools to help provide a safer learning environment.
Self Defense Awareness and Familiarization ExchangeThis participative program teaches women the basics of physical self defense and ways to reduce threat risks. It includes a video overview, handouts, and an introduction to physical self defense. We have no upper age limit.
Self ProtectionA LCSO member will teach you basic skills to protect yourself.
Self-Help GroupsWe have several self-help groups whose volunteers bring their message into our facilities to help the inmates; they include the following self-help programs: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Al-Anon which is for people who are coping with someone who has a substance abuse problem.
Senior Driver - Safe MobilityThis program promotes safe driving and crash prevention strategies as well as early warning signs associated with at-risk drivers of all ages. As part of the Safe Mobility for Life State Coalition we want to increase the number of drivers who are proactive about staying safe on the road through a variety of programs such as this program, Senior's Driving Safely and CarFit.
Sheriff's Youth Activities LeagueThe Lee County Sheriff's Youth Activities League provides fun and safe sports and activities for Lee County Youth. The program promotes physical fitness, healthy self-esteem, learning new skills, and social interaction in a positive setting.
Shoplifting PreventionWe'll help your business explore the problem of shoplifting and how to take positive steps to prevent this crime from happening.
Static DisplayVarious units set up to educate the public on their role within the Sheriff's Office.
Stop Equipment TheftContractors may become involved in this program to mark and identify your equipment with stickers to help prevent thefts.
Stranger Danger for ChildrenThis topic helps parents, educators, and children be aware of circumstances that can pose a danger. It is adapted to the particular age group of the audience.
Student Crime StoppersStudents are encouraged to help solve crimes by annonymously reporting crime tips and possibly receiving a reward.
SWATLearn about our specially-trained members who are called in the event of serious crises such as suicide attempts or hostage situations.
Telemarketing FraudCitizens receive information illustrating the techniques telemarketers use to steal money, personal information, and credit cards numbers.
TrafficThe Lee County Sheriff's Office explains the techniques it uses to control traffic and encourage compliance with the law.
Victims Advocate ProgramThis program is a service to victims of serious crimes.
Volunteer Observers Impacting Community EffortsThis program involves citizen volunteers trained and dedicated to helping the Sheriff's Office in a variety of tasks.
Workplace Violence PreventionThe workplace is reviewed to determine the current extent of violence. A Lee County Sheriff's Office member and the management review the warning signs of potential violence and examine possible ways to diffuse violence.