Crime Prevention Tips

Dec 04

Beware of Scam Calls Impersonating LCSO  

Nov 19
Heads up residents. Take time to read about a scam that could pop up in your inbox this holiday season. 
Nov 06
Going Holiday Shopping? You Don't Want to Miss These Safety Deals.
Nov 05
Thank you Lee County!
Oct 29
The Lee County Sheriff's Office wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween experience. Take a minute to read these tips to make sure you and your family stay safe while trick-or-treating. 
Oct 11
Do you walk your pet? We Need You! Find out how you can be a part of our new Crime Prevention program.
Sep 26

Today is National Situational Awareness Day. Do you have a personal safety plan in place?

You are encouraged to take a moment to read the attached press release to find out what you can do to protect yourself.

Sep 21
Don't fall for this scam call. 
Sep 13
Sep 07
Debit or Credit? Choose wisely.
Aug 16
Learn basic self-defense techniques and common sense strategies that just might save your life.
Aug 02
Have you had "the" talk yet? 
Jul 06

Use this Top 10 Security Checklist Before Heading Out On Vacation

Jun 27
Register Now for Free Self-Defense Class for Ladies in High School and College
Jun 19
Don't be fooled by this fake phone call. 
Jun 15
Do you know the signs of elder abuse? Today is the day to learn how to recognize this horrible crime.
Jun 13

Register Now. Time is Running Out.

Jun 04

Don't let crooks steal your summer fun! Pack these safety tips in your suitcase no matter where your plans take you.  

May 30
Seats for this community event are filling up fast. Register online today!
May 03

"Know Before You Go". Familiarize yourself with these simple tips to keep from becoming a victim of the vacation rental scam.

Apr 27
Do you have unwanted medicine you would like to dispose of? Look no further than the Lee County Sheriff's Office
Apr 20
Check out these tips before you click on your next random Google search.
Apr 11

Don’t become a victim of the IRS Tax Scam!  Instead, learn how you can beat these scammers at their own game.

Apr 06

Project Lifesaver + Autism = Peace of Mind.

 If you or someone you know is prone to wandering due to Autism, please take a moment to read the attached information to see how the Lee County Sheriff's Office can help.

Mar 08

Would you let someone "borrow" your bank account to deposit a check? If so, you better think again because it could cost you more than you realize.

Feb 22

Fraudster uses jury duty, court cases to scare you

Feb 16
Don't be scammed by con-artists offering home repair.
Jan 26

Are you looking forward to getting your tax refund? Tax identity thieves may be looking forward to getting your refund too. You are invited to take part in a series of social media events beginning next week during the Federal Trade Commission’s “ Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week”.  Check out how you can find resources to share in blog posts, newsletters and with your social media friends and family. 

Jan 23

Don't take the bait in this "phishing" scam making its way to your inbox. Think before you click the link.

Jan 08
Start your new year off by marking these free educational seminars on your calendar. See you there.   
Jan 05
Looking for love online? Check out these tips to make sure you don't get duped.
Dec 19
Dec 14

Have you heard of Social Security redirection? If you are a recipient of Social Security benefits you won't want to miss this event. 

If you haven't created a personal estate plan to ensure your wishes are carried out at your death, this seminar is for you as well. 

Nov 20
Company agrees to pay out millions to scam victims.
Nov 03
Find out what you can do to avoid being a victim of crime in your neighborhood.
Nov 01
Are you a Medicare recipient? If so, check out the truth about this year's open enrollment.
Oct 05
Take this quick test to see if you can outsmart an online identity thief.
Sep 21
As residents continue to rebuild from Hurricane Irma, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office reminds homeowners to be aware of scams and price gouging.
Sep 18

Hurricane Irma has left many Southwest Florida homeowners with leaky roofs, water intrusion, downed trees, and crumbling infrastructure. Sadly, it has also brought us many scam artists and other criminals.

Sep 06

The urge to rush into repairs without first doing your homework can leave you vulnerable.

Aug 18
The Lee County Sheriff Office is warning residents to be aware of unsolicited contact from someone offering “money for nothing” grants or Pell grant money in exchange for a small processing fee.
Aug 15
We urge you to remain vigilant in protecting your identity, credit card, and bank account information by familiarizing yourself with the three most reported complaints
Aug 11
ATM customers must take basic precautions when using debit/ATM cards
Jul 15
Over half of all vehicles burglarized or stolen were left unlocked
Jul 01
These simple, common-sense safety tips ensure your home is secure while you’re away
Jun 01
The Lee County Sheriff’s Office offers many programs that provide information on how women can protect themselves, their children, grandchildren, homes and personal information
May 15
Are you planning a vacation or looking for a new place to live by searching available properties online?
May 01
Remember: the IRS will never use a phone call to threaten to arrest you, take out a warrant on you, or deport you if you do not pay
Debit cards offer you convenience when shopping, but what happens if yours falls into the wrong hands this holiday season?

Start your new year off by marking these free educational seminars on your calendar. See you there.   

Education Can Save You a Citation and More

The Lee County Sheriff's Office wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween experience. Take a minute to read these tips to make sure you and your family stay safe while trick-or-treating. 

1. Trick-or-treat only at a trusted neighbors home and never go inside a stranger's house in order to get candy. 

2. Dress like a ghoul or goblin, but stay safe. Make sure costumes and candy bags or pails are reflective. To avoid tripping, costumes should not drag on the ground and masks, hats, and shoes should be well-fitting. 

3. If you plan to be driving during trick-or-treat hours, watch for children walking on roadways, medians, and curbs. Be sure to enter and exit driveways carefully. 

4. Use well-marked routes to get to the candy. Always use the sidewalk, and do not cut across yards or use alleys. Wherever possible, cross the road at a crosswalk. 

5. When in doubt, throw the candy out. Avoid candy that has loose wrappings, is completely unwrapped, has puncture holes, or is homemade and not factory-wrapped. Small children should not be allowed hard candy, which could be a choking hazard. 

6. If you encounter a suspicious person or activity while out trick or treating, call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 477-1000. 

We want everyone to BOO safe out there!