2017 Corrections Deputy of the Year

2017 Corrections Deputy of the Year 

Corrections Deputies Michael Mudge and Peter Murray are the 2017 Corrections Deputy of the Year for their efforts after Hurricane Irma struck.

On September 12, 2017, two days after Hurricane Irma, EOC was seeking staff members who were certified to operate large air brake vehicles to navigate the difficult terrain and allow us to reach the public in places ordinary vehicles could not. Although Deputies Peter Murray and Michael Mudge had already endured a few days away from their home and family due to the storm and needed to attend to their own aftermath circumstances, these Deputies knew they had the knowledge, skills and experience that was needed and didn't hesitate to offer their services.

 After returning home from their regular shift, these deputies responded to the need and spent the remainder of the night, into the early morning hours traveling throughout the Lehigh Acres area assisting LCSO Patrol with disaster search and recovery and wellness checks during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

 This selfless act is a perfect example of who we are as First Responders. I commend Deputy Murray and Deputy Mudge for going above and beyond their normally assigned duties to help the citizens of Lee County.

 These deputies showed professionalism and dedication to the job by responding without hesitation and we are proud to name them as our Correction Deputies of the Year.