2016 Corrections Deputy of the Year


Deputy Clifford Topper is the 2016 Corrections Deputy of the Year for his actions to assist an injured motorist.

While off duty, he witnessed a vehicle that had just left the roadway and rolled, landing on its side. Deputy Topper immediately turned around to respond to the accident.

He found a single male occupant stuck inside the vehicle behind the steering wheel. Deputy Topper spoke with the male driver and determined the driver was OK but unable to free himself. Deputy Topper called for EMS and fire to respond. He then broke the back window of the vehicle to gain entry. Fire and rescue arrived and determined they would need to cut the roof off the vehicle to gain access to the driver.

Deputy Topper stayed inside the vehicle and shielded the driver with his body as fire and rescue cut off the roof. Once the roof was removed he assisted in removing the driver from the vehicle and placing him on a stretcher to be transported. Deputy Topper’s actions where above and beyond the call of duty and are a testament to his character and dedication to the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the residents and visitors of Lee County.