2016 Civilian of the Year

Kallie Risch has been named the 2016 Civilian of the Year for her response to a terrifying situation.

After completing a 12-hour dispatch shift in Communications, she was on her way to pick up her children before attending a graduation party for a family member.

While stopped at the traffic light in the turn lane of Skyline Boulevard and Veterans Parkway, she noticed a vehicle with the barrel of what appeared to be a shotgun pointed out of the window. Suddenly she saw the air move, heard a loud pop and a male on a motorcycle fall over in the right lane of traffic.  She quickly realized the motorcyclist had been shot. 

As she began to process what happened, she noticed the suspect vehicle fleeing the scene down Skyline Boulevard. She exited her vehicle and with the help of other witnesses lifted the motorcycle off of the victim and removed his helmet.

Kallie checked for a pulse with negative results and immediately began CPR. She continued CPR until a detective with the Cape Coral Police Department arrived on scene who then determined he had succumbed to his injuries, a gunshot wound to the head.

Kallie remained on scene to provide a statement and learned of a second shooting at the Circle K just down the road involving the same suspect.

Following the second shooting Kallie overhead radio traffic from a CCPD officer’s radio stating shots were fired involving the police.  Moments later, she was advised the suspect was shot and died at the scene.  In total that day two people were killed and at least three injured.

Kallie is not a law enforcement officer but a law enforcement dispatcher and not accustom to seeing these types of incidents, only hearing about them. Instead of picking up the phone and calling 911 like most people would, she reacted as a trained first responder.